Why Acne Mop?

Why Acne Mop?

For high-quality ways to protect your skin under the helmet, shoulder pads and open air!

Athletes’ and military personnel's natural body oils collect and become trapped under their helmet, shoulder pads, gI_89500_EdEverhart-AcneMop-Head-Woman-2chin cup, uniform, chest and back. The trapped oil is then pushed into their pores, causing acne to develop. Some people may use creams or sprays to prevent acne, but these topical treatments may not have time to set into the skin. Acne Mop is a disposable product meant to be worn for the day, or workout then discarded. Acne Mop is kept moist in a re-sealable container easy to grab and go. Acne Mop uses all natural ingredients like tea tree oil, white tea and cloves. So while you’re hard at work, Acne Mop is also hard at work, keeping your pores clean and unplugged, which means less acne on you.

   • Increase confidence and self-assurance
   • Apply a natural antibacterial solution directly onto the skin
   • Get a comfortable fit under a helmet, hat, shoulder pads, or shirt
   • Protect your skin underneath uniforms of athletes and military personnel

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See for yourself what our customers have to say about our products!

As a mother I like that the product doesn't use harsh chemicals but natural products so that I know that it is safe. I fully endorse Acne Mop.”quote_symbol1I have two sons that play football and have used the Acne mop. My son that is a freshman had moderate acne. He has noticeable increased acne after football. 
Now that he has been using the acne mop the outbreaks have not occurred. It significantly wicks away the sweat. My son has commented that he likes the fact that he doesn't have sweat dripping down his face. 
I like that there are multiple products with the shoulder and head coverage along with the chin strap area. These are all the areas that see significant sweat from the football equipment. 
I have also used the product myself at the gym and like how comfortable it feels. I have worn the shoulder cover under my shirt during Zumba and aerobics. Again I find the product to wick away my sweat. 

–Twila Beutler


quote_symbol1 Acne Mop is such a cool product to help treat acne. There are so many uses for it and I love that it actually looks good on. I've been using the headbands when I work out, as well as at night while I sleep! It not only treats while it's on, but it keeps your hair off your face in a clean and disposable way! It's so much better than using a gross cloth headband that collects bacteria. I've definitely started having much clearer skin since I started using Acne Mop on a regular basis, so I hope others discover this amazing product! And… It's cheap too!

-Kayla Zaugg



quote_symbol1 I've seen great results in the acne mop, it sounds a bit crazy but as soon as I wore it at night it instantly had reduced the oils in my face and the acne was a lot less than how it was when I went to sleep. This product needs to go out in stores!!!!!!

-Louise Saucedo